New and Recent Books

Dr. Leeb has several recently published, new, and forthcoming books:

Her latest book, Contesting the Far-Right: A Psychoanalytic and Feminist Critical Theory Approach

(Columbia University Press, New Directions in Critical Theory) will appear in April 2024. She had a recent media interview on the book at Yeah Nah Pasaran! Fascism & the Far-                              right radio station, Australia, Melbourne, in March 2024. Furthermore, Dr. Leeb has a book symposium at the American Political Science Association (APSA), Philadelphia, in September 2024.


Dr. Leeb is currently working on a new book, The Concept of Power: A Very Short Introduction, which will appear in Oxford University Presses’ signature A Very Short Introduction book series.

Her recent book, The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence (Edinburgh University Press, 2018) has been widely reviewed. A symposium on the book was published by Critical Horizons (2020). In addition, Free Associations (2021), Constellations (2021), Perspectives on Politics (2020), Philosophy in Review (2020), and the Journal of Austrian Studies (2019) published reviews about the book. 

Dr. Leeb’s other recent book, Power and Feminist Agency in Capitalism: Toward a New Theory of the Political Subject (2017, Oxford University Press), received the 2018 Austrian Scientists in North America Award for research excellence. Also this book has been widely reviewed; Political Theory published a symposium on the book (2019), and Perspectives on Politics (2018) published a Critical Dialogue on the book. Also, Politics and Gender (2018), Hypatia (2018), and Choice (2018) have published reviews about the book.

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New Articles

Dr. Leeb has also recently published several peer-reviewed articles in journals, including

1. Claudia Leeb, “Castration Anxiety, Covid-19, and the Extremist Right,” Global Discourse (vol. 11, no. 3, 2021), 387-403.  link to article

2. Claudia Leeb, “The Hysteric Rebels: Rethinking Socio-Political Transformation with Foucault and Lacan”, Theory & Event (vol. 23, no. 3, July 2020), 607-640. link to article

3. Claudia Leeb, "Towards a Politics of Feelings of Guilt: A Response to McIvor and Rensmann, "Review Symposia on Claudia Leeb's The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence, Critical Horizons (Volume 21, Issue 1, 2020) 63-79. linnk to article

4. Claudia Leeb, “The Right Extremist Identitarian Movement in Europe: A Critical Theory Analysis,” Azimuth: An International Journal of Philosophy (vol. 8, no. 16, 2020), 71-88. link to article

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New Book Chapters

Dr. Leeb has also forthcoming and recently published several peer-reviewed book chapters in

edited volumes, including

1. Claudia Leeb, "Judith Butler’s Use of Psychoanalysis: Power, Subjectivity, and Agency," in Sabine Hark, Ina Kerner, and Hanna Meißner (eds.) Handbuch Judith Butler (Metzler Verlag, handbook seriess, forthcoming in German)

2. Claudia Leeb, "Rebelling Female Maquiladora Workers: A Feminist Critical Theory Perspective," in Santiago Zarria and Estefanía C. Apolo (eds.) Frankfurt School: Contemporary Readings from Critical Theory (published with Colección Filosófica Actual, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Central University of Ecuador (UCE), forthcoming

3. Claudia Leeb, “The Feminist Subject-in-Outline: A Resource to Fight Neo-Fascism Today,” in Jonathon Catlin et al. (eds), Adorno and Identity (SUNY Press, forthcoming)

4. Claudia Leeb, "Authoritarian Family Structures and the Resurgence of the Extremist Right: Overpowering Unconscious Forces," in Arthur Bueno (ed), Authoritarianism and Neoliberalism, (Verso Press, forthcoming)

5. Claudia Leeb, “Rethinking Feminist Political Subjectivity with Deconstruction and  Negative Dialectics”, in Patricia Moynagh and Mary Caputi (eds.), Research Handbook on Feminist Political Thought (Edward Elgar Publishing, Elgar Original Reference series, forthcoming in 2024) 

6. Claudia Leeb, “Austria's Repressed Guilt in Theory and Practice: Personal Encounters”, in

Vincenzo Pinto (ed.) Remembering the Holocaust in Germany, Austria, Italy and Israel (2021),

25 -38. link to chapter

7. Claudia Leeb, “Adorno and Freud meet Kazuo Ishiguro: The Rise of the Far Right from a Psychoanalytic and Critical Theory Perspective”, in Jeremiah Morelock (ed.) How to Critique Authoritarian Populism (2021), 200-219.  link to chapter

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Dr. Leeb has several recent conference talks and invited lectures:

Invited Lectures:

1. Claudia Leeb, “Contesting the Far Right,” Department of Philosophy, Philositué.es, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montreal, Canada, April 2024

2. Claudia Leeb, “Contesting the Far Right: A Psychoanalytic and Feminist Critical Theory Approach,” Symposium on Critical Theory & Psychoanalysis: Past, Present, and Future, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2023

3. Claudia Leeb, “Anxiety in Precarity Capitalism: A Radical Feminist Lacanian Perspective,” Institute for the Humanities, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada,  October 2023

Conference Talks:

1. Claudia Leeb, “Rethinking Feminist Revolutionary Agency with Althusser and De Beauvoir,” Western Political Science Association (WPSA), Vancouver, Canada, March 2024

2. Claudia Leeb, "Authoritarian Family Structures and the Resurgence of the Extremist Right," American Political Science Association Conference (APSA), Los Angeles, USA, September 2023 (online participation)

3. Claudia Leeb, "Stepping into Malaise: Trump's Incitement to Violence," International Political Science Association World Congress (IPSA), Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2023

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Dr. Leeb received several new grants to support her research, including for her research on

“The Feminist Subject-in-Outline’s Fight against the Extremist Right,” Washington State University (WSU)WSU Faculty Research Grant, summer 2021

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