Book Chapters in Edited Volumes



Claudia Leeb, “Adorno and Freud meet Kazuo Ishiguro: The Rise of the Far Right from a Psychoanalytic and Critical Theory Perspective”, in Jeremiah Morelock (ed.) How to Critique Authoritarian Populism: Methodologies of the Frankfurt School (Leiden: Brill Press, forthcoming). Go to book


Claudia Leeb, “Laughing at the Other: Toward an Understanding of the Alt-Right” in Amirhosein Khandizaji (ed.) Reading Adorno: The Endless Road (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2019), 75-100. Go to Book

Claudia Leeb, “Mourning Denied: The Tabooed Subject,” in David McIvor and Alexander Hirsch (eds.) The Democratic Arts of Mourning: Political Theory and Loss (New York: Lexington Press, 2019), 65-82. Go to book


Claudia Leeb, “Radical or Neoliberal Political Imaginary? Nancy Fraser Revisited,” in Werner Bonefeld, Beverley Best, and Chris O'Kane (eds.), The Sage Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory (New York: Sage Publisher, 2018), 550-563.  Go to Article

Claudia Leeb, “A Festival for Frustrated Egos: The Rise of Trump from an Early Frankfurt School Critical Theory Perspective”, in Trump and Political Philosophy: Patriotism, Cosmopolitanism and Civic Virtue, Angel Jaramillo and Sable Marc (eds.) (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), 297-314. Go to Article


Claudia Leeb, “Female Resistance or the Politics of Death? Rethinking Antigone,” in Gabriel Ricci (ed.) The Persistence of Critical Theory, (Culture & Civilization, Vol. 8, Piscataway, New Jersey:  Transaction Publishers, 2016), 223-240. Download Article here


“Contesting Hierarchical Oppositions: The Dialectics of Adorno and Lacan,” in Alfred J. Drake (ed.) New Essays on the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009), 168-192. Go to Book


Claudia Leeb, “Das Klassenkonzept poststrukturalistisch gedacht,” [A post-structuralist perspective on the concept of class], in Ingolf Erler (ed.) Keine Chance für Lisa Simpson? - Soziale Ungleichheit im Bildungssystem [No Chance for Lisa Simpson? Social Inequality in the Educational System], (Wien: Mandelbaum-Verlag, 2007), 72-88. Go to book


Claudia Leeb, “Preface and Introduction” (with Lisa Gurley and Anna Aloisia Moser), Feminists Contest Politics and Philosophy (New York/Brussels: Peter Lang Publisher, Philosophy and Politics Series, 2005), 11-17. Go to Book


Claudia Leeb, “Die Diskursive Disziplinierung von Frauen aus ArbeiterInnenkontexten in der Wissenschaft” [The Discursive Disciplining of Working-Class Women in Academia], in Gerald Echterhoff/Michael Eggers (eds.): Der Stoff, an dem wir hängen: Faszination und Selektion von Material in kulturwissenschaftlicher Arbeit [The Material we are Attached to: Fascination and Selection of Material in Cultural Theory], (Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2002), 81-94. Go to Book