Book in Progress

Book Manuscript is Written

The Possibilities of the Limit: Rethinking Feminist and Democratic Theory.

It is widely acknowledged that even the most democratic societies systematically exclude the poor, women, and racial and sexual minorities; this fact should have a central place in democratic theory. In my book I draw on three Continental thinkers -- Karl Marx, Theodor W. Adorno, and Jacques Lacan -- to provide a philosophical foundation for a feminist and democratic theory that introduces the moment of “the limit,” or the gap in the unity of a political community, as central for a transformative politics. A politics of unity problematically aims to eradicate any gaps in the ideal whole of the political community it defends, thereby excluding all those that do not neatly fit into its boundaries. In contrast, a “politics of the limit” acknowledges the importance of such gaps, as it is through these that excluded subjects can enter the political community and contest its boundaries.

Several major university presses have expressed interest in publishing my book-manuscript (Cornell University Press, Duke University Press, The Continental Philosophy Series at SUNY Press, Penn State University Press) and I expect to submit the final manuscript in December 2008.