New Publications:


Claudia’s recent book Power and Feminist Agency in Capitalism: Toward a New Theory of the Political Subject will be published by Oxford University Press in May 2017.

She recently finished a new book manuscript The Politics of Repressed Guilt, which is expected to be published by Edinburgh University Press in December 2017.

peer-reviewed book chapters:

1. “Female Resistance or the Politics of Death? Rethinking Antigone,” has been published in Gabriel Ricci (ed.) The Persistence of Critical Theory, (Culture & Civilization, Vol. 8, Piscataway, New Jersey:  Transaction Publishers, December 2016), 223-240

2.“Radical or Neoliberal Political Imaginary? Nancy Fraser Revisited,” is forthcoming in Werner Bonefeld, Beverley Best, and Chris O'Kane (eds.), The Sage Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory (forthcoming: New York: Sage Publisher, spring 2017)

Upcoming and Recent Grants:

Claudia has received the PPPA (School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs) Summer Faculty Research Grant to pursue research on the project Mourning Denied: The Living Dead,” which will be published in The Democratic Arts of Mourning: Political Theory and Loss, David McIvor and Alexander Hirsch (eds.)( fall 2017/spring 2018)

In 2016 she held the Washington Sate University (WSU) Humanities Fellowship for her new book-project The Politics of Repressed Guilt

Recent and upcoming Talks and Public Appearances:

''Power and Feminist Agency: Towards a New Theory of the Political Subject,'' by Claudia Leeb, Author Meets Critics, Western Political Science Association (WPSA), Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2017

“The Repression of Unconscious Guilt: The Staging of Bernhard’s Heldenplatz Reconsidered,” Western Political Science Association (WPSA), Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2017

“Rethinking Power and Agency in Greek Tragedy,” Association for Political Theory (APT), Columbus, OH, October 2016

Ich fühle mich nicht schuldig (I do not feel guilty): From Doubts to Murder,” American Political Science Association (APSA), Philadelphia, PA, September 2016


Claudia will serve as a discussant at the Author Meets Critics Panel 'The End of Progress: Critical Theory and Postcolonialism,” by Amy Allen at the Western Political Science Association (WPSA), Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2017