Mourning Denied: The Living Dead,” PPPA (School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs) Summer Faculty Research Grant, December 2016, $ 5,000

“Guilt and Democracy,” Washington Sate University (WSU) Humanities Fellowship, January 2015, $ 12,500

Travel Grant, Austrian Scientists in North America (ASCINA), Austrian Science Talk, Los Angeles, October 2013, $550

“Luxemburg, Adorno and Socio-Political Transformation,” Faculty Travel Grant, Critical Theory and Social Justice Conference in Rome, Italy, May 2013, WSU, 2013, $1,200

“Contemporary Feminist Political Theory,” Curriculum Development Grant, 2011, Roanoke College (RC), $4,000

“The Politics of a Subject-In-Outline,” Faculty Summer Research Award, 2010, RC, $2,000

“The Philosophy of Middle Eastern Politics,” Curriculum Development Grant, 2010, RC,


“Adorno, Derrida, and the Political Subject,” Faculty Enrichment Grant, RC, 2009, $1,000

Political Theory Library Grant, to update library holding in political theory, 2009, RC, $1,000

“Gender in International Scientific Migration,” Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Program for Advanced Research and Technology (APART) post-doctoral grant, 2006-2009, $225,000; Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) research grant, 2007-2008, $21,000

“Socio-political Transformation and Continental Thought,” Research Fellow Grant, Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS), Linköpings University, Sweden, 2005, $6,000

American Political Science Association Travel Grant, 2005, $300

The Graduate Faculty Dean’s Grant for the Women in Political Studies Conference, The New School for Social Research (NSSR), 2003, $ 500

NSSR Ph.D. Fellowship, 2001-2003, $54,000

University of Vienna Dissertation Fellowship, 1999-2001, $10,000

J. William Fulbright Fellowship, 1997-1999, $60,000