Women on the Move: European Women as Scientific Migrants

Description: My ongoing research project, Women on the Move: European Women as Scientific Migrants, is an expansion of earlier and current book projects. Here I shed light upon the ways in which “scientific mobility” of women who leave Europe to pursue their academic and scientific careers in the United States, is not so much a free choice but the result of power structures that did not allow these women to enter or succeed in the sciences and academia in their countries of origin. As scientific migrants their struggles continue as female international scholars and scientists in the United States. This project also explains the moment of the limit in power when these women retained the capacity of agency on both continents. It is based on an analysis of qualitative interviews with female European scientists and a quantitative study with male and female scientists who currently work in US academia and the sciences. The research part has been finished and the book proposal has received an interest from several University Presses, including Michigan University Press.

Download book proposal for more detailed description of the book project.

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