Requirements: Rethinking Female Aggression

1. Punctual class presence and active class participation (20 % of grade).

2. Three reflection statements (maximum 250 words), the first due by 10/10, the second by 11/7, the third by 12/5. Each of these mini-essays is discussing a central argument presented in the readings of the previous weeks and/or the week when the statement is due. It can also include a personal assessment of the readings (25 % of final grade).

3. A final research paper relating to the discussed materials (minimum: 10 pages, maximum: 15 pages, double-spaced) is due in the last session (12/12). A theme/argument for the paper in form of a brief written statement (maximum: 250 words, minimum: 100 words) is due by 31/10. (50 % of final grade).

4. An oral/medial presentation of the final research paper in the last session (5 % of final grade).