Public Lectures and Invited Talks

"The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence," Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, Columbia University, September 2019

"Analyzing the Far Right," Department of Philosophy, Penn State University, September 2019

"Power and Feminist Agency in Capitalism: Toward a New Theory of the Political Subject," Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, May 2019

“It is Just a Joke”: The Use of Jokes and Humor in Far Right Extremism from a Psychoanalytic and Critical Theory Perspective,” Psychoanalytic Lecture Series, Institute for the Humanities, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada, March 2019

“Illusions of Whole Subjectivity: Understanding the Rise of the Far Right from a Psycho-analytic Perspective,” Psychoanalytic Lecture series, Institute for the Humanities, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada, March 2019

“The Rise of the Far Right: A Psychoanalytic and Economic Analysis,” 1st Northwest Critical Theory Roundtable: Radical Political Economy, & Critiques of Fascism, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA, February 2018

“The Tragedy of Austrian Silence: Guilt and Democracy,” Washington State University Humanities Fellows Lecture, Pullman, WA, March 2016

“On the Struggles of International Faculty,” Panelist, Washington State University, April 2013

“Derrida, Adorno and the Limits of an Ethics of Responsibility in Liberal Capitalism,” Religion and Philosophy Colloquium, Roanoke College, April 2011

“Women in Academia: A Foucaultian Perspective,” Österreichische HochschülerInnen (Austrian National Student Union) Conference, University of Vienna, Austria, December 2010

“Butler, Lacan and the Challenges of the Feminist Subject,” Key Note Address, Gender and Violence Conference, sponsored by Women in Philosophy, Roanoke College, March 2010

“Feminist Theory and the Radical Praxis of Political Transformation,” Feminist Inquiry Seminar, Dartmouth College, May 2009

“Adorno, Lacan and Feminist Political Thought,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University, March 2008

“The Non-Identical and the Real: Two Central Concepts for Radical Feminist Political Theory,” Political Theory Workshop, University of Chicago, November 2006

“Psychoanalysis and Feminism,” Department of Gender Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden, November 2005

“Marx, Lacan and Binary Thought,” Department of Philosophy, Södertörn University College, Stockholm, Sweden, November 2005

“Identity Thinking Reinforced: Representations of the Working-Class/Woman in Theodor W. Adorno’s Political Philosophy,” Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS), Campus Norrköping, Sweden, October 2005

“Pierre Bourdieu and Feminist Theory,” Department of Women’s Studies, University of Flensburg, Germany, October 2003

“Deconstructing Class and Gender in Marx, Adorno and Bourdieu,” Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, October 2003

“The Discursive Disciplining of Working-Class Women in the Sciences,” Feminist Theory Lecture Series, University of Vienna, Austria, June 2001