Contemporary Feminist Political Theory

Institution: Roanoke College

Department: Public Affairs

Course-level: Advanced undergraduate seminar

Format:  Seminar

Description: In this seminar we engage with central themes and approaches of contemporary feminist political theory. We examine the US and European feminist political theory traditions. We assess how feminist political theorists rethink key concepts at the center of contemporary debates in political theory—including power, justice, subjectivity, agency, freedom, resistance, democracy, and political transformation. This focus allows us to critically assess the commonalities (and differences) of the thinkers and the two theory traditions we discuss. After a general introduction to the topic, we start out with Iris Marion Young, Drucilla Cornell, and bell hooks (American feminist political theory), followed by Simone De Beauvoir, Luce Irigaray, and Adriana Cavarero (European feminist political thought).